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Best SEO practices company needs to follow


The initial step to breaking down the competition is to distinguish competitors. For an offline business, this is very straightforward. One should simply make an analysis of their rivals and track them on the web. In circumstances where organizations are ignorant about their rivals, there are different strategies that could be utilized to find them.

  • Track the competition for long-tail keywords
  • All the major players in that niche
  • Websites that have high rankings on Google with similar keywords.

All of the above help create a list of main competitors.

When the competitors have been distinguished, we visit their websites independently. We screen the nature of the substance that they are giving, the website design, the sort of URLs they are utilizing, and so forth The entirety of this gives us a reasonable thought concerning what sort of work must be placed into building a website that Google loves.

Keywords are the devices that help in optimizing a website without limit. It might happen that a catchphrase is viewed as significant while the fundamental competitors don’t have it in their rundown by any stretch of the imagination. We utilize various instruments, for example, the watchword ideas device and catchphrase cloud and thickness to make a watchword rundown of superior grade.

A backlink is another factor that assumes a pivotal part in SEO. While checking competitors’ websites, it is basic that a note is made of the backlinks utilized by them. Following their origin, number, anchor text, and so forth assists with dissecting their status on this front. In the event that competitors are utilizing backlinks from websites that are well known, the webmaster for that website can be reached to get the equivalent backlinks for the website that should be optimized.

Alongside keywords and backlinks, a careful assessment of competitors’ websites should be directed. Utilizing various keywords in the search engines can check their rankings on Google and other search engines.


Manual Link Submissions-Using this technique, we straightforwardly request comparative websites as that from our competitors to post their links on the webpage of our customers by utilizing non-money related strategies.

Competitive Link Acquisition-In this, we research the links of the competitors of our customers who are in the highest levels. We at that point attempt to receive comparative methodologies and get more links utilizing those strategies.

Acquiring links by means of Embedded Content-We offer widgets, embeddable forms, and so on and at whatever point anybody makes reference to it in an article or blog, the webpage of our customers get backlinks.

Viral Campaigns-The viral content attempts to pull in links from various webpages and reference it on customers’ websites. Links that are enjoyed more by the focused on bunch have a higher possibility of progress.

Content, Technology and API Licensing-In this, we notice the names of a couple of websites on the pages of our customers and this notice has been licensed by the said websites. These destinations additionally give link backs to the site of our customers.

Associations, Exchanges and Trades-Within these, we interface with websites that are like our customers’ and trade links to stand on a global platform and reach out far and wide.

Paid links-As the name recommends, customers pay for trading links. It tends to be genuine or by means of a specialist.


We start by developing your keyword universe. The various words that can be related with your business are made a note of. We examine through PPC data, competitor insights, internal search data, analytics data, and so forth to get the keywords that will help in most extreme optimization. This makes a “seed word” list.

The Google Keyword List can be utilized to expand your “seed word” list. We check the search volumes of the various keywords that have been finished. The most ideal route is to utilize the paid technique to check the conversion rates of various keywords. It assists us with making an expert keyword list for your website.

Whenever we have made a keyword universe for you, we focus on list. This rundown will incorporate significant keywords. A few firms may have 20 significant keywords while huge organizations can wind up with at least 100. We focus on those keywords that have a higher capacity to generate more website traffic for your organization.

After this, we bifurcate these keywords into various gatherings and partner them with various landing pages.


Ultimately, there is consistently the likelihood that more up to date keywords can help you increment your business. To keep steady over it, we watch out for analytics and PPC data so we can revive the keywords that you have been utilizing on numerous occasions.



Architecture and URL structure

Our professionals are responsible for designing an appealing webpage and choosing the URL structure. Website improvement is an imaginative method that involves understanding how to present our customer’s products and services to their customers.


Content Optimization

Building content for a website requires that the users be remembered when the content is created. In any case, with the end goal of optimization, it must be ensured that the keywords are not restricted uniquely to the feature however are rehashed again and again in the content. which can be dealt with by focusing on the needs of the users first while building up the content. After the content has been created, it very well may be changed to suit the needs of the search engines.



these incorporate the title tag and the description. These assist users with distinguishing what is the issue here and whether it is of any use to them.


Frequency of content update

Search engines are always searching for something fresh. It is significant that you continuously feed new and restored data on your website. This is done for the users as well as for search engines as they will advance your website on the off chance that they find fresh content on it.


Image, Header and Video Optimization

Interesting graphics help command a great deal of notice. Changing over your content into videos and pictures help customers in understanding the offerings of an organization.


The above-mentioned pointers are our checklist. For on page optimization, we ensure that we cover all the topics and provide the best service to our customers. These pointers allow us to stay focused on the work that we need to carry out and give first priority to the needs of our customers.

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